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Can Wine be Delivered to My Home or Office by Private Wine Importers?

Yes, it can be! Wine agents deliver wine to customers’ homes, and offices, in Ontario using dedicated wine delivery services. You must be at least 19 years old to order and receive wine in Ontario. Delivery times vary from one wine agency to another however, most private wine importers offer delivery between two to five business days depending on the destination location. 

Delivery fees typically apply to all single case wine orders. It is common for private wine importers to waive delivery charges on multiple case orders. If the wine agent has a flat-rate policy, multiple case orders make shipping fees very reasonable. The Ontario distribution facility for privately imported wines is located in the GTA. Delivery fees are commonly applied to orders that travel outside the GTA. Given that wine cases are heavy, and fragile, the shipping rates charged by wine agents are quite reasonable compared to regular courier costs. 

Can I Pick-Up My Wine at a Private Wine Importer’s Office?

In Ontario, wine agents are not permitted to keep stock of wine at their places of business. Wine agents pick up all their customer orders from the government warehouse in order to fulfill deliveries. Many wine agencies offer curbside pick-up, but the turnaround times are generally the same as home delivery given the wine is stored at the government facility.

Can Wine Agents Ship Out-of-Province?

Ontario wine agents are permitted to deliver wine to homes and businesses within the province only. However, since liquor laws are unique to provincial jurisdictions, shipping out-of-province by private wine importers is not permitted.