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Italian Wine Trends — The Future of Italian Wine is Diversity 

Today Italy ranks first in global wine exports by volume.  Similar to other prominent wine producing countries, Italy’s wines were first established worldwide with a few market blazing varieties, in this case, Chianti, Barolo, Amarone and Brunello.  While wines from many different countries became popular and then the interest faded, Italian wine trends continue to move upwards. The Italian classics remain popular comfort wines, but it is the wines from emerging regions such as Sicily, with obscure indigenous grape varieties, that are exciting wine fans in Ontario. With over 350 registered grape varieties, Italy has the greatest diversity of wines in the world.  This is a treasure of wines that will continue to entertain wine lovers for years to come and Ontario is a great place to experience all that Italian wines have to offer.

In Ontario, you are sure to encounter a selection of Italian wines from familiar regions, and established brands, when shopping in liquor and grocery stores.  Opportunities do exist for consumers to explore Italy’s more obscure and trendy regional wines when shopping at Vintages. Supply consistency is a common challenge as the vast majority of Vintages’ wines are purchased in seasonal and limited quantities. In addition, these wines are expected to sell-through quickly to be deemed successful in the market and to stand a greater chance of being repurchased. It is not uncommon to hear people lament that the wine they bought at Vintages sold out and was no longer available when they returned for more. If you’re wondering, “Where to buy Italian wine near me?”, click here.

Your Opportunity to Explore Italian Wine Trends — Right Here in Ontario!

Restaurants are where you will experience the trendiest, cutting-edge Italian wines in Ontario. Restaurateurs and sommeliers commonly source wines from a community of wine importers in Ontario that are known as “Consignment Agents” and represent portfolios of unique and interesting small batch artisanal Italian wines.  Privately imported wines are hand selected and promoted by the agents. These are the kind of wines you discover when you travel to Italy. They are also the wines that appeal to sommeliers and restaurateurs for their uniqueness, value and, more importantly, exclusivity, as consignment wines cannot be bought in the stores. These wines express their origins within their taste profiles, not just on their labels. They are often not the obvious consumer choice, but once you try them, you are sure to enjoy them immensely. You’ll find that these trending Italian wines are recommended by the dining establishment for their uniqueness and compatibility with the food on the menu. Offered in restaurants, and to the private consumer, these wines help create memorable dining experiences.

With the popularity of Italian cuisine and the plethora of Italian restaurants in Ontario, it is no surprise that Italian wines rank number one among privately imported wines by volume. You will find that the greatest selection of imported wines made from indigenous, unique grape varieties come from Italy. It is common to dine out in Ontario and discover that the Italian wine you enjoyed at your local Trattoria, or Pizzeria, is not sold in stores.  Most people are aware that privately imported, or consignment wines as they are known, are available to the public but they just do not know where or how to buy them. Now, you can buy trending Italian wines online

From Italy with Love, At Your Doorstep…Swirl, Sip, Enjoy!

The good news is that every wine imported in Ontario is registered to a wine agency that has exclusive representation and can sell to the public. Finding an importer can be a challenge but the best news is that wine agents are also distributors, so, delivery is part of the service they provide, saving customers unnecessary trips to the store! 

Italian wines are classic and edgy, food friendly and fashion forward. From crowd pleasing Prosecco and Pinot Grigio, to cutting edge volcanic wines from Sicily’s Mt. Etna, wines from Italy are known equally as mainstream staples and ageable gems. You may not know it, but Ontario happens to have one of the greatest selections of Italian wines outside of Italy. With over three hundred indigenous grape varieties, there is a journey of wine from Italy to explore right here in Ontario through the network of local wine importers ready to deliver their goods to your door!
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