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About Us

It is between the 30th and 50th parallels north and south of the equator that classic wine regions are located. Closer than 30 degrees is generally considered too hot and beyond 50 degrees too cold to grow grapes suitable for producing quality wines.

30.50 Imports Inc. is a boutique wine agency based in Toronto. We broker fine wines for restaurants, hotels and wine fans across Ontario. In 2005 30.50 Imports Inc. was established with the aim of bringing home fine wines from around the globe that capture the spirit of the people, places and cultures that craft them.

We are passionate ambassadors of our suppliers and committed professionals to our customers.

Our Wine

Our portfolio mainly consists of wineries that produce small quantities of hand-crafted wines.
We create partnerships with people that love the land they work with and
grow wines that reflect the land they love.

We import wines that offer unique appeal, great quality and value.

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